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Did you just say Pizza?

Chef Emiliano Ruzzu, Pizza Works

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Artisan pizza and pasta ‘cooked to order’ in a fired oven and served in a casual ambience by an easy going and friendly team. It’s the Pizza Works, located in Sanad; a joint that seems perfect to hop in and enjoy some great Cappuccino, pizzas and hey, who said Pizza can’t be used as a desert? All I can say is there’s a lot to experiment this week, with pizzas. PPP’ – shorthand for Pizza, Pasta and Passion – they serve it all here! Our dish or rather Pizzas for this week, prepared by Chef Emiliano Ruzzu are Giardiniera Pizza and the Nutella Pizza that serves as a desert.


Giardiniera Pizza

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San Marzano tomato sauce, Natural mozzarella mushrooms, Roasted peppers, Aubergine,zucchini, Cherry tomatoes, Rocket leaves, Pine nuts, Olives, Aioli, Basil Pesto Drizzle

Nutella Pizza:

Nutella, Sliced banana, Strawberries sprinkle Roasted hazelnut


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