Monday, October 21, 2019

Dining Experience in the Blues

A Delectable Dining Experience in the Blues with Bin Faqeeh!

If you have been amongst those who yearn to fly in the limitless blues like a bird, then Bin Faqeeh group’s Dine in the Sky experience is simply a must-try for you! Enjoy an ethereal breakfast, lunch or dinner amongst the clouds, high above the ground and experience ultimate gastronomical pleasure amidst the lofty clouds for the first time in Bahrain!

The Bin Faqeeh group recently organized an exclusive programme, “Dining in the Sky,” which was  part of the celebrations to mark the launch of Layan, a luxury residential property with a private water park coming up at Durrat Marina.

The exclusive programme, “Dining in the Sky,” was part of the celebrations to mark the launch of Layan, a luxury residential property with a private water park coming up at Durrat Marina.

The event began with a grand reception in the garden. Guests were ushered into the garden area or relaxed in the shade of the tents as they listened to soft music and enjoyed light refreshments, said Bin Faqeeh in its statement.

Guests were surrounded by beautiful water fountains and green landscapes to help them begin to experience the same “high” that they would receive from the Layan getaway.

Guests waited until it was their turn to dine in the sky amidst the striking views of the Arabian Gulf and the soon-to-be engineering wonder.

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Dining in the Sky

A table holding 32 guests at a time was carried high into the sky at four different times at the launch to allow guests to enjoy a dining experience like never before, stated Nadia Bouslama, the head of marketing for Bin Faqeeh.

The diners were then comfortably strapped in seats secured to a dining table and lifted about 50 m into the air by a crane. Once at the top, caterers served food and refreshments while diners got to enjoy the breath taking views of Layan-in-the-making.

Different guests enjoyed different meals at varied times of day as breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner were served at some point.

On the Dining in the Sky event, Bouslama said,”We took this style to the next level by being the first in terms of events as well as project concepts. We are constantly working on new and exciting projects and cannot wait to continue unveiling new projects for the Limited 5 plan under which Bin Faqeeh will launch an exclusive limited edition luxury project each year for five years.”

Although over 500 people experienced the “Dining in the Sky” event, Bin Faqeeh was keen on entertaining many more people and allowing them to enjoy the 5-star atmosphere they created in Durrat Marina.

The marketing team has also hosted a carnival scheduled on March 25 and 26 had something for everyone. In keeping with their theme of “first in everything,” Bin Faqeeh combined a myriad of different activities in one place.

The two-day carnival offered  a wide selection of variety entertainment events including fire shows, music shows and water shows.

Other activities included a petting zoo, rubber duck fishing and horseback riding. In an effort to stay current in electronics, the carnival also hosted virtual reality experiences, Wii games and PS4 games. Finally, adults could sit back and enjoy the selection of dining options in relaxing atmospheres.

The carnival was organised in tune with the brand’s luxury standard in its offering of a getaway within Bahrain.


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