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Diwali – A union of our inner light with the universe

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Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’ which means a ‘row of lights.’ Popularly known and celeberated as the ‘festival of lights’ by Hindus around the world it symbolizes the victory of good over evil on both personal and community levels. Homes and hearts are cleaned and cleared of old baggage and clutter thus creating  space for fresh beginnings.

Diwali marks the time for us to turn inwards and ignite the truth and light within, which is our true nature but gets lost at times due to our externalized living. It is a time to reflect on our thoughts, words and actions, over the past year and dismiss darkness and ignorance from within.

We are what we think,

We are energy,

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We radiate the energy that we are,

So, flushing out old patterns of thinking and behavior which deter us from being the best version of ourselves is a significant aspect of lighting the light within on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Yoga in Sanskrit means ‘union’ and signifies the union of the mind with the body and the inner consciousness with the outer consciousness. In the context of Yoga, a light is used to describe our awareness. The more elevated we are in awareness ie when the mind is quiet with steady thoughts the flame of awareness is shining bright. An unsteady, turbulent, violent or agitated mind indicates that the flame of awareness is dull.

One of the principle aims of yoga is to keep the mind elevated keeping the flame of awareness shining bright and steady. Yogic practices give us the tools to have the inner light and wisdom to enable us to distinguish between the good and evil ie the thoughts and actions which will serve us to grow and be better beings on this planet.

Thus, this Diwali let’s reignite the inner light within so that we can be the light that spreads only joy!


Neelanjana Bharadwaj
Yoga Expert
Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more

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