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Loading one’s car is an art. A certain degree of care and consideration must go into the exercise whether you are going on a long trip or are transporting goods from one point to another. A lot of people tend to just dump stuff into a car not foreseeing the hazards carelessness can pose.

Boot: When you load stuff into the car boot make sure the lid closes when you drive off. Just because you have too much stuff is no excuse for leaving the boot lid open . Things can spill out especially when you are taking a turn, posing a hazard for the vehicles following you as the item[s] block the road. More importantly the open lid will also block your rear view thus restricting your ability to keep a eye on the traffic behind your car. There are moments when the rear-view mirrors are not enough.

You must not load railings, long pieces of wood, bamboo sticks or steel tubes in the boot because then you cannot obviously shut the lid. More importantly,
when these are sticking out they pose a grave danger to the vehicle behind you in case of a collision.

Inside: Some people tend to carry long pieces of wood or steel inside the car. But more often than not these can be seen sticking out of the windows despite the owner’s best efforts. But remember that any protrusion sideways from a running car is far more dangerous than the same stuff sticking out of an open car boot. Not only can a non-so-careful driver passing you by damage his own vehicle he could also take you unawares and cause an accident or grievous injury.

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On top: While going out of Bahrain on long journeys families often have a carrier fixed on top of their family car and treat it as something commodious enough to pack it like a pick-up. Ideally not more than one layer of boxes or suitcases should be loaded there, firmly secured with nylon rope. A double layer could make it too unwieldy. The rooftop is certainly not the place for a clumsily tied up bundle of cloth containing odds and ends. It may slide off.

Front and back: Do not entrust the front-seat passenger with any unwieldy item to keep in his or her lap. This will not only come in the way of wearing the seat belt but also cause injuries to the person in case
of an accident. And if there are children sitting in the back, do not fill the remaining space by tightly squeezing in bags and bundles. In an emergency situation these may come in the way of
rescue efforts.

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