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Do’s and Don’t’s of Hair Botox

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What is Amazon Keratin Smoothing Treatment System?

Amazon Keratin Smoothing Treatment System is an innovative hair treatment that combines keratin protein and other natural ingredients.

What are the four different Amazon Keratin Smoothing Treatments?

The four treatments differ in fragrance and potency.  Grape Keratin Treatment is the strongest product and is used to straighten hair completely. BTX Smoothing Treatment is designed for all types of hair, but produces the best results in fine hair.  Chocolate Keratin Treatment has moderate strength and is used for moderately curly hair. It can also be used for revitalizing hair and eliminating frizz. Apple Keratin Treatment is the latest addition to the Amazon Keratin line and is completely free of all chemicals typically used in straightening products. This product is not recommended to straighten hair, but to reduce frizz and volume.

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Can I use the smoothing treatment for coloured, highlighted or relaxed hair?

Yes, the Smoothing Treatments work to repair damage caused by chemical treatments. In fact, the treatment effect lasts longer in chemically treated hair than in virgin hair.

Should hair be cut and coloured before or after the treatment?

It is recommended to have a haircut after the treatment, as it will have a smoother texture and will lie differently.

The best time to have the smoothing treatment done is right after colouring or highlights are done. The treatment seals the colour in, making it last longer and look more vibrant.

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