Within its constant efforts to endorse healthy lifestyle and sports culture, as well as its contribution to the promotion of national Chinese initiatives, Dragon City, the largest whole-sale and retail trade centre in Bahrain, in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank, organised the “Belt and Road Run” on March 25, 2019, in Diyar Al Muharraq.

The run comes as part of an initiative launched by the Bank to hold a series of running activities across 44 Belt and Road markets located in countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, within a period of 90 days.

Three stages were held as part of the activity, including runs for three, five and 10 kilometres. The participants began their race from Dragon City, went around Diyar Al Muharraq and finished the run at Dragon City.

It’s worth mentioning that the fun-filled activity was aimed at promoting the Belt and Road initiative, which was adopted by the Chinese government, with the aim of investing USD90 billion in infrastructure projects across countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.