In the course of driving down the road, many drivers want to save on time [for God knows which noble purpose] and therefore resort to all manner of short cuts, or choose devious ways to avoid waiting where they need to [red lights and yellow boxes].

Some drivers continue to chatter on the phone or even have the gumption of sending SMSs which would involve the use of both hands [how they steer the vehicle is anybody’s guess]. And putting the seat belt on seems to be such a tedious manoeuvre that every third driver appears to find it difficult to master. These are indeed among the habits which may prove fatal:


No telephone call is worth risking your life. But it is quite common to see people indulging this avoidable luxury while on the wheel on a highway. The best thing would be to switch off the phone while driving and take stock of the calls once you have parked at your destination. Phone conversation actually distracts. Your eyes are [or maybe not always] on the road but you see nothing since mentally you are with the man person on the phone. This mea you may unknowingly slow down, irritating the drivers behind you. This may also mean you may jump the red light unknowingly and might reopen your eyes in a hospital bed!  Sending SMSs while driving is an even worse offence.


Never try to catch the green light so save those extra one or two minutes you may have to spend behind the red light, waiting for the next turn when it turns green. And certainly do not speed through the red light just as it may have turned red. A speeding driver with exactly your mindset may lawfully cross the green light hitting you bang on your bonnet. Imagine if it is a truck!


This driver puts his life at even greater risk than the redlight-jumper. There is an equal chance that he might scrape past the post despite his folly and you may be saddled to take the full force of the impact as a follower.

Even tailing the last vehicle past the post to park yourself in the yellow box is bad manners and sometimes can lead to an accident, especially if the vehicle ahead of you itself may be occupying a good part of the road where the drivers of the next round of movement have the right of way.


Ignoring the clear warning not to take a U-turn at a junction is a clear sign of foolishness. When a junction carries such a warning it means that whenever you try to ignore it and take the forbidden turn there will always be oncoming traffic to hit you vehicle in the face if you come in the way.