Driving mantras within and off city limits

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

Driving in the city is quite different from driving beyond the inhabited areas and on virtually deserted roads. When the road is nearly free of traffic, the temptation is to hit the pedal to speed beyond 120 km/h and go as far on the speedometer as your engine will allow. This can only be suicidal.

While there might be no vehicle in sight as you pump the accelerator, and while no camels could suddenly pop up on the road like in other Gulf states, 150 km/h means that if anything does surface on the road or loom in view, there may not be adequate time to take control measures.

Your car may skid if the brakes are applied all of a sudden, you may lose control of the vehicle altogether, and in the worst-case scenario, tumble and turn turtle. The lesson to learn is: never speed even when the road tempts you to. This can prove particularly disastrous if you have children with you. The best speed to maintain is 100 km/h on a deserted stretch beyond the city.

Then there are rules to be followed while driving around schools, hospitals and accident sites.


Driving near schools calls for extreme caution for many reasons. One should reduce to a low speed near schools. First, look out for children, especially small ones, who may not know to look left or right before scampering across the road, regardless of oncoming traffic. The possibility of such incidents must be taken into consideration and children must be given the right of way. Then there could be careful parents escorting their wards and they deserve equal consideration, respect and precedence.  Pay close attention while you drive past carelessly parked cars as well.


The same rules which apply to driving near schools apply to driving near hospitals as well. The only difference is that here, instead of small children, families might be escorting a sick or aged person and in their anxiety, may not be paying full attention to the traffic on the road. So it is for the driver to take care and avoid hitting them. A driver must exercise caution around badly or carelessly parked vehicles near hospitals too.


While driving past an accident site do not get curious and slow down or stop to look over the heads of the already gathering crowds. You will only impede the flow of traffic and any investigation or relief process put in place by police and the rescue and relief personnel. Maintain your normal speed and get past the site.

Driving prudently averts tragedies, making roads a safe place for motorists and pedestrians alike.