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Dry Shampoo: Our Current Favourite

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Do you already love dry shampoo? If so, you are awesome. Congratulations on your awesomeness. If not, you need to get in on this thing, guy/girl! It’s the only product that fluffs, de-smellifies, and thickens in a couple of shakes (or spritzes), no matter how oily or gross your hair situation was before.

Now, some of you may not believe that dry shampoo is Keanu Reeves. Some of you may even be thinking, that gross spray stuff? Are you huffing the toxic aerosols out of those cans? To which we would say:

A) It’s not that kind of aerosol. Ozone-depleting CFCs have been illegal in hair products since since 1978. And B) Maybe you just haven’t found the right dry shampoo. Because once you do, it will be true love and you will want to laugh and cry and take the dry shampoo to Paris where you can propose to it under the Eiffel Tower. Your skepticism is, however, understandable. Until recently, dry shampoos had a wee bit of an image/ actual usefulness problem.

Label.m Dry Shampoo refreshes hair in between shampooing using natural Rich Starch to disperse oil. It also works as a brilliant matte texturizer for a soft-touch, velvet finish to the hair. Shake the can well and hold upright approximately 10-15cm from dry hair.

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Apply evenly over your hair, concentrating on roots and taking care to protect eyes and clothing or fabrics from spray. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then brush through hair to avoid excess product.

Absolutely fantastic dry shampoo from Toni & Guy – very fine mist, very absorbent, doesn’t leave hair powdery or sticky, smells lovely, and will actually give your hair a lot more volume; big bonus because although thick, hair goes really flat.

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