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Ebrahim K. Kanoo Welcomes 2020 Engineering Excellence Award Winners

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Ebrahim K. Kanoo , the diversified business conglomerate, has welcomed the winners of the 2020 ‘Ebrahim K. Kanoo Award for Engineering Excellence’ at its corporate office in Manama.

The students met with Ebrahim K. Kanoo Managing Director; Mr. Talal Kanoo, who commended them for their innovative project which will contribute greatly to Bahrain’s future. Mr. Kanoo stated, “The Ebrahim K. Kanoo Award for Engineering Excellence was created to highlight the important role young Bahrainis play in the field of mechanical engineering. We take pride in the efforts and commitment shown by the students and the college to foster this talent. I look forward to seeing great things from the winners and wish them continued success.”

Created in partnership with the University of Bahrain’s College of Engineering, the annual award is part of the company’s commitment to bettering the lives of the youth of the country and helping them realise their full potential through academic and internship opportunities.

The 2020 winning team, comprising Mohammed Salah, Sayed Hashem Abdulla, Bassam Sadeq Yaqoob and Ali Hasan Ali, was chosen for their outstanding graduation project which is an Eco-friendly alternative for cooling. As opposed to the conventional vapor compression cycles the team’s system is based on the principle of evaporative cooling that uses chilled water to cool the air, integrated with a liquid desiccant-based dehumidification stage to be suitable for Bahrain’s humid weather. As a result, the alternative cycle showed an enhanced cooling load and lower electrical consumption with zero toxic emissions to the environment.

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Dr. Abdulrahman Alsayad, Assistant Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department, praised Ebrahim K. Kanoo’s role in growing local talent and their commitment to the university. “The private sector plays a vital role in supporting education through financial schemes and employment opportunities. Ebrahim K. Kanoo addressed both of these, and we are proud to partner with such a well-established Bahraini company and are thankful for their support and their investment in the future of our students.” he added.

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