EDB builds awareness with Bahrain specialist hospital about CoronaVirus

Bahrain Specialist Hospital hosted an event at the offices of the Economic Development Board to build awareness about the CoronaVirus. It was held at the offices of the EDB and led by BSH’s internal medicine consultant Dr. Syed Muneebuddin Ahmed and Mr. Emad Almukahal.

Acting upon the Virus that has been spreading rapidly in the past month. It was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019. Bahrain specialist hospital decided to host an event to raise awareness about The Coronavirus. Coronavirus has been declared to be a global emergency by the World Health Organization as it started to spread outside China. It was said to be that the virus appeared due to Practical difficulties the Chinese Citizens have faced abroad. The Virus has killed at least 213 people in China with almost 10,000 cases nationally. However, WHO said there had been 98 cases in 18 other countries but no deaths.

The main concern or fear is that it could spread uncontrollably to countries with weak health systems. Due to the lack of tools and equipment to contain it or recognize it. Another main issue here is the disease has only emerged last month and almost 10,000 confirmed cases in China. This indicates that it can spread out further with more cases if it’s not being controlled immediately . As well as if novel coronavirus gets a significant hold in such areas, then it would be incredibly hard to restrain it. The city Hubei has been sealed off and many transport restrictions are kept to control the spread of the virus. It has also affected China’s economy with a large number of countries warning its citizens to avoid unnecessary traveling to the country.

EDB and Bahrain Specialist Hospital Awareness Campaign

Furthermore, It is a great initiative taken by EDB to spread awareness amongst their employees and the general public. Hosted by Bahrain Specialist Hospital to seek information related to CoronaVirus and how Corporates are being well prepared or cautious to maintain a safe workplace. Dr. Arpan David, the CEO of Bahrain Specialist Hospital, shared. “ We are glad to be part of this conference where we can educate and share awareness to the general public. We have to start taking actions in order to prevent this Virus from spreading.” As well as the CEO of EDB, H.E. Khalid Humaidan quoted. “We are appreciative of the insightful talk and the informational exchange that the experienced doctors delivered to the audience during this event”.

Some information that was discussed during the conference on the Employees prevention of CoronaVirus such as employers are considering a wide range of steps. Including restricting international travel to affected areas; performing medical inquiries to the extent legally permitted; imposing potential quarantines for employees who have traveled; permitting leaves of absence and work from home options, and educating management and employees. EDB aims to help in educating the general public and the employees by the among the corporate about this disease led by BSH’s internal medicine consultant Dr. Syed Muneebuddin Ahmed and Mr. Emad Almukahal.