Customer Relationship Management is vital to any business. No matter the business model, consumers may want to reach out to companies at any time.
Tech investment and development company, Elephant Media Network, has added the ‘Live Chat for Facebook’ feature to the official website of Elephant Social to facilitate this process. Elephant Social app is a digital marketing tool, first-of-its-kind to bring automation to the field of communication. Focused on building strong customer relationships, Elephant Media Network is staying connected with users 24’7 through the newly released Facebook LiveChat feature – first site in the Kingdom of Bahrain to do so.
The Live chat allows a customer to instantly communicate with the Elephant Social team through their official website via instant messaging. On visiting the Elephant Social website, the familiar messenger icon appears within the browser window, and the visitor can chat with a customer care executive by typing into the live chat box.
According to a member of team Elephant Social, “We want to start conversations, not just register complaints. We believe this feature will help us know our customers and create meaningful user-experiences through easy communication. This is in sharp contrast to previous, rather cold methods adopted by service providers, that keep a customer on hold, connect them across departments or identify them through token numbers.”
Elephant Social are one of the early adopters of bringing the Facebook Messenger experience directly into their website. It brings a personalized feel of texting a friend by having a continuous conversation even after you leave the website. So, the same conversation can be used instead of going through the hassle of following up with reference numbers or accumulating information repeatedly.
Customer Relationship Management is developing across fields and results for this new development is yet to be revealed by Elephant Media Network.