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Empowering Indian Fashion Culture in Bahrain

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It was on 15 August 1947 that India took its first flight into freedom, after being held captive in an iron cage, by the British rule.

From the first war of independence of 1857- the first rebellious act that empowered Indians to create the many future possibilities for battles, that were courageously fought in the name of freedom; to the famous Dandi March, which made the concept of using non-violence to create a revolution, a reality – led by a man in a Dhoti, who would later go down in the history and be regarded as ‘Mahatma’; India’s struggle for independence will always be honoured and respected, globally.

India is a land, which is culturally rich. Like the elegant, kaleidoscopic, cotton Saree, India is woven into ‘The’ one nation, by its diverse religions, languages, and traditions found on this unique terrain. India is also loved for its traditional and ethnic fashion culture. Look at the beautiful nine-yard of saree draped around the blushing bride; or a flowing velvet lehenga that transforms a woman into an Indian princess; or the moderate cotton Dhoti’s donned by the dashing bridegroom; they are all an ornamental amalgamation which creates a wonderful bouquet of Indian fashion.

It is a matter of great pride when one sees nations like Bahrain so gracefully accept the Indian fashion culture. Indian Culture provides a range of different ethnic wear like ghagra-choli, dhoti-kurta, salwar-suit, kurta-pajama, and sarees which can be worn in weddings and on other special occasions. The Indian ethnic wear, where the royal zardoshi work, the magnificent chikankari, the Aari work, and many more of such meticulously crafted work, is done on various fabrics like khadi, silk, etc., to the citizen of Bahrain.

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In this day and age, where nations are joining hands by accepting, learning, and celebrating each other’s cultures and traditions, it is humbling to see the citizens of Bahrain celebrating Indian fashion with immense joy! May the bonding-relationship between India and Bahrain be as tightly woven as the versatile cotton fabric used in an Indian saree, this 75th Independence Day. 

Hitesh Sikka, Founder and Managing Director of Attire Collection has a mission to bring together Indian fashion into Bahrain’s rich clothing heritage. Attire Collection is a multi-vendor online e-commerce platform that has a vision of empowering Indian fashion culture in Bahrain. Attire Fashion brings in  radiating bridal dresses, designed ingeniously by celebrated Indian Fashion designers and Label from capital of India like Mahi Khan, Rosy Ahluwalia, Parvesh Jai (Indo-Canadian), Sandip Shrivastava, Saumya Sahu, to name a few, who have collaborated with them to help us see this mission come to fruition. Attire Collection has also bagged future collaborations with renowned Fashion Designers & Label, perfumes, cosmetics, and jewellery merchants from all over the GCC as well! 

By: Hitesh Sikka


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