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Enhancing Athletes through science

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Tell us briefly about yourself, your team members ?

My name is A.Rasool Shukralla, 28 years old and my partner’s name is Mohammed Saad, 30 years old.

Give us a brief summary about all of your educational and professional background.

My educational background and bachelor degree in business major accounting, MBA candidate, with experience in managing commercial activities, analysis and aviation agreements. Mohammed, has a Diploma in sports nutrition and masters candidate for Sports & Exercise Physiology. Worked with many professional athletes and teams such as Bahrain National Football team and Bahrain National Triathlon team.

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What are your guys doing for a day job ? where do you work ?

I am currently a senior business analyst at Bahrain Airport Services, Mohammed is the nutritionist of Sh. Nasser, Sh. Khalid Bin Hamad and KHK MMA team.

When and how did you get around to developing the idea of Tammayaz?

The idea of Tamayyaz started back in mid 2016 where we saw the gap in the market and the difference between our athletes and the athletes around the world. However, the development of the idea started completely in Mashroo3i, as we took the steps required in the amazing process, then we developed Tamayyaz from an idea to a ready business.

Tammayaz’ is an interesting solution. Tell us more about it and how did this idea strike you?

While Mohammed was taking his nutrition courses in UK, he saw a small lab that prepares and develops the level of athletes to compete worldwide. After that he told me about how it is being done there and we realized that this practice is not available in our country. From here we got the idea and started to develop it.

What have been the initial challenges and how did you overcome them?

The most challenging part for us was to deliver a new concept to people never heard of such services and convince them that this is going to benefit them in a short time. This is one of the qualities that we learnt from Mashroo3i during the journey.

How is Tammayaz unique?

Tamayyaz is initially the only lab that provides services to enhance the athletes’ level through since and latest technologies. It focuses on to developing the clients’ capabilities to perform more in the sports they are exercising.

Where do you see Tammayaz in the next 3 years?

We see Tamayyaz is dealing with the most reputed athletes in the Gulf region having its scientific researches published to the world and recognized by the biggest sports science labs. Expanding in the gulf region and adding more technologies to enable coaches to use cutting edge science to develop their athletes.

If you were to list 5 essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur, what would they be?

Competitive, Confidence, Knowledgeable, Self Starter and Goal-Focused

How has Tammayaz developed so far?

Tamayyaz today has finished all the planning and paper work required to know the directions, we are now working to get the permits and choosing the right suppliers to begin phase 2.

How did you find Mashroo3i programme?

Very interesting structure, team and mentors. The process of Mashroo3i is developed to help every entrepreneur to develop his/her idea from scratch to reality. The wealth of knowledge that mentor are sharing with the participants is one of the most important benefit that Mashroo3i gives to its participants. I personally recommend any person with an idea to participate, the journey itself worth every step.

Being the winner of Mashroo3i, how do you feel..

The challenge was very hard, it wasn’t easy to distinguish our self among hundreds of teams who has different ideas. It was a fantastic feeling when we initially won the Best Business Plan Award. But the moment we heard Tamayyaz for the first prize was priceless, we don’t have words to describe winning feeling but we can tell that hard work always pays out.

Mashroo3i along with Tamkeen?

List us three things you have learned..

1- Deliver your idea in less than 2 minutes (Pitch)

2- Believe in your idea

3- Leave a positive mark with every person you meet

What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs in and around GCC?

Even if you have an idea from ages ago, this idea will only be fantasy until you start to build it. Remember, everyone has ideas, but the successful ones who take the initiatives and start doing it.

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