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Enjoy Advanced Remote Conferencing with the Latest Update of Bahrain’s Own ‘eMeeting’ system!

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During these challenging times, having a reliable remote conferencing tool that caters to a wide variety of needs is essential. eMeeting, Bahrain’s first digital system for initiating and managing online meetings, has been updated to address that challenge.

Developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the revamped eMeeting was launched in response to feedback from users of the system, and includes several performance-enhancing features such as video conferences via smart devices, which allows users to receive updates related to meetings that can be viewed on their devices, and a split screen feature for attendees who use iPads.

The update also includes Microsoft One-Drive features, allowing users to access services via the cloud, and giving them more storage space for shared files saving time and effort in printing and managing documentation, which are accessible safely from anywhere in the world with adding extra level of protection to sign-in Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using Biometric and One-time Password (OTP) features

The system is availablein Arabic and English, also allows users to view meeting materials, retrieve documents through a preferred type of display, communicate via instant messages, take notes, and send private and public comments to all participants. In addition, it offers offline access to files; the ability to send attachments via emails; the ability to comment on files, including an option to include email signatures; and the ability to vote on proposals during meetings by selecting whether to agree, reject, or abstain. Audio and video files can also be shared, and meetings  can beclassified based on importance.

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Public and private sector entities interested in acquiring the updated version of eMeeting can contact the Information and eGovernment Authority through its various channels and via the email iGA’s public sector customer service team via on govclient@iga.gov.bh.

For more information, please visit the National Portal, bahrain.bh.

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