Ensure Peace of Mind with the Mercedes-Benz expert repair from Al Haddad Motors


Car damages from unexpected incidents such as accidents, poor road conditions or flying gravels are very annoying and could sometimes be very expensive to repair. With the Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair program, these situations are no longer an issue.

The Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair program combines collision repairs and Small Repair services to save you money, time and finally provides you with a carefree driving experience. Repairs are carried out by Mercedes- Benz certified technicians using only Mercedes-Benz certified equipment and GenuineParts ensuring top quality and safety.

Once completed, customers receive an Expert Repairs certificate indicating the work carried out on the vehicle is Mercedes-Benz certified optimizing value retention.

In case of any accident think of Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair to get a hassle-free and quick experience to restore the beauty and value of your Mercedes-Benz.

For more information, please contact the Mercedes-Benz Service Center on 17785999 or visit the website on www.bahrain.mercedesbenzme.com.