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Entrepreneurial Mentoring Programme

Tamkeen and Mowgli Foundation to Launch Entrepreneurial Mentoring Programme

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Tamkeen and Mowgli Foundation have partnered to launch an entrepreneurial mentoring programme to support the growth and development of Bahraini entrepreneurs during a 4-day Kickstart workshop which will start on April 16, 2016.

The Kickstart workshop will mark the beginning of a pioneering mentoring Tamkeen programme, currently in its pilot stage, which has been recently accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC); the Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME). The mentoring relationships formed will provide entrepreneurs, who will be matched with trained Bahraini mentors, with access to business and life mentorship for an entire year in order to give them significantly increased chances of succeeding in their entrepreneurial journeys.

The goal of the programme is to support local entrepreneurs, on both professional and personal levels, to empower them and strengthen their leadership capabilities in addition to maximising the potential of their businesses to expand regionally, ultimately creating jobs and contributing to Bahrain’s economic growth.

Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Dr. Ebrahim Mohamed Janahi, commented, “Tamkeen works continuously to support Bahrainis throughout all stages of development. As part of this, it is extremely important to provide Bahraini businesses with advisory and consultancy needed during their development to ensure that they can achieve further growth to themselves and to Bahrain’s economy.”

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Dr. Janahi added, “We are proud to be partnering with Mowgli, one of the leading entrepreneurial mentoring organisation in the region, to train and develop mentors who will provide effective and holistic support to promising Bahraini entrepreneurs”

Mowgli’s CEO, Kathleen Bury, said, “Our extensive experience across the region has shown that likelihood of entrepreneurial success and therefore economic growth is heightened when entrepreneurs are mentored on both a personal and professional level.  Entrepreneurs who are matched with properly trained mentors become better equipped to deal with the personal and business challenges associated with starting and growing an enterprise. We are looking forward to working with Tamkeen on this programme and bringing our programme to Bahrain, as we share the same objectives of supporting the regional and international growth of Bahraini entrepreneurs as well as developing the Bahraini entrepreneurship ecosystem for future generations.”

This partnership comes as one of the first initiatives that are part of Tamkeen’s Advisory Services,  a platform that Tamkeen launched to achieve the best possible results. The platform provides advisory and consultancy services to businesses, job-seekers and employees through a team of experts and industry veterans. This comes alongside the financial, operational and training support that Tamkeen provides to Bahraini businesses and individuals.

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