Monday, May 10, 2021


    ESET, the global pioneer of proactive endpoint security software, is following up a successful debut of its renowned Security Day conference in Saudi Arabia (KSA) by educating businesses in Bahrain on how to tackle security challenges.

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    The distinguished one-day conference will address a wide range of topics and issues pertinent to the IT security, including Endpoint Protection, The Rise of Sophisticated Ransomwares, Next Generation Security Software Myths & Marketing; Threat Landscape, and Data Protection and Security.

    The must-attend event, to be held at Crowne Plaza, Bahrain on 27th March, will help businesses in the kingdom tackle evolving, complex and sensitive security challenges. Dimitris Raekos, ESET Middle East General Manager and Mohamed Djenane, ESET Middle East Technical & Sales Manager, will provide attendees with in-depth insight on latest trends in technology and threats to information security as well as highlight the benefits of implementing ESET solutions such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption.

    “We are among the five biggest endpoint security vendors globally and are committed to ensure that our customers safely enjoy the benefits that technology has to offer,” said Raekos. “One of our key goals in hosting this conference is to generate awareness and provide an opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry, gain insights, stay abreast of the latest best practices and network with industry professionals.”

    The event will also put the spotlight on how ESET Technology Alliance is designed to better protect businesses by offering a range of complementary IT security solutions.

    With more than 100 million worldwide users, ESET is now one of the five biggest endpoint security vendors and holds a world record for the first IT security company to receive 100 VB100 (Virus Bulletin) awards.

    For more information about the event and to register for the free session, please visit our website

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