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Essential Oil Remedies for Dry Feet

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With the winter season on its full swing, dry feet that tamper the appearance of your feet also causing the uncomfortable and painful walk is high on the concern. Here are some essential oil remedies to pamper your feet.

Known for its soothing effect, the lavender essential oil can keep your feet moisturized. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties to reduce any pain you might feel and hydrates the skin without making it greasy.

Argan oil contains essential fatty acids that help to improve skin health and elasticity. More importantly, argan oil improves the moisture-retaining the capacity of the skin and improves skin hydration, thereby getting rid of dry skin

Eucalyptus oil is especially useful for cracked feet. It not only hydrates your feet but also heals the skin to provide relief from any pain or inflammation.

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Peppermint essential oil is a cooling ingredient to nourish your dry feet. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that pamper the skin when applied topically and the menthol present in the oil has analgesic properties that help to reduce any pain or discomfort

If your dry feet has led to cracked heels, patchouli oil is the one for you. It has strong antifungal and wound-healing properties that soften and refreshes the feet while hydrating them.

Tea tree essential oil is a storehouse of beneficial properties for the skin. It contains strong antibacterial properties that keep harmful bacteria and infections at bay. Make sure you dilute this concentrated oil before usage.

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