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Euro Motors launches BMW ConnectedDrive for all BMW 2023 models

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Euro Motors, the official importer of BMW Group vehicles for Bahrain, has announced the rollout of BMW ConnectedDrive in the Kingdom, becoming one of the first markets in the region where the innovative technology will be available on all BMW models starting from 2023 onwards.

Offering an exclusive interface for seamless communication between the driver and the vehicle, BMW ConnectedDrive opens up a world of benefits for BMW customers with easy access, intuitive technologies and integrated digital solutions – thereby enhancing the overall standard of safety and comfort on the road.

Using BMW ConnectedDrive, customers can converse with their BMW by asking questions or giving instructions, precondition the interior of their vehicle to a comfortable temperature, plan travel routes and arrange service appointments, automatically unlock their vehicles through their smartphones or smart watches, and enjoy a host of other special benefits that create a close bond between the driver and the vehicle. BMW ConnectedDrive also provides customers a direct connection via smartphone to the BMW retailer and to the BMW brand itself.

Commenting on the launch, David McGoldrick, General Manager at Euro Motors, said: “We are always eager to provide the very best of technology that BMW has to offer, and with the launch of BMW ConnectedDrive we are delighted to fulfil that mission for our valued customers in Bahrain. Here in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we are honored to be one of the first markets in the region to provide this advanced program on various BMW models starting from the 2023 model year for customers of Euro Motors.’’

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“With a clutch of intelligent services and features including remote vehicle functions, smart e-mobility, extensive navigation, and direct access to BMW Service, BMW ConnectedDrive offers a new world of freedom and choice that further elevates the sheer driving pleasure of the ultimate driving machine. Combining virtualisation, ultra-wideband technology, artificial intelligence, data science and more, the roll out of BMW ConnectedDrive also marks a major milestone for BMW Group’s digitalization strategy.”

One of the key features of BMW ConnectedDrive is BMW Digital Key Plus, which unlocks the vehicle automatically when the driver approaches, starts a welcome scenario and activates all functions for the vehicle start through a programmed smartphone or Apple Watch. The BMW engine also switches on without placing the device down, while the vehicle is conveniently locked by simply removing the device from the vehicle. Using position-based control functions on the smartphone near the vehicle, BMW Digital Key Plus offers high-level security thanks to modern encryption technologies in the vehicle and on the smartphone.

With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, drivers using BMW ConnectedDrive can speak naturally to their vehicle and train the AI function to learn their habits and preferences, explain car functionality, fulfil a servicing requirement or navigate to their favourite restaurant.

Among other features, BMW Maps provides convenient navigation with accurately predicted arrival times and agile route calculation; the BMW Intelligent Emergency Call automatically contacts the nearest BMW call centre in case of an accident to swiftly activate a chain of response; while BMW TeleServices enable BMW Service Partners to receive detailed information regarding the condition of the vehicle, guaranteeing personalised service as well as a quick reaction in the event of a malfunction.

BMW ConnectedDrive is currently available on all BMW 2023 models in Bahrain. For more information visit the nearest showroom of Euro Motors in Manama City or check out their social media pages.

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