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EWA App — Effortless and Sustainable Electricity and Water Usage

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Gain control of your electricity and water usage through a wide range of eServices available on the Electricity and Water Services app. A collaboration between the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) and Electricity & Water Authority (EWA), the app has been empowering the public for years through access to features such as bill enquiries and payments, and the ability to view bill and payment histories and report high consumption.

The ‘Submit Meter Reading’ feature allows you to report electricity and water meter readings without the need for an eKey login. To further manage your consumption, the ‘Benchmark Calculator’ enables you to compare your current bills against your previous ones and Bahrain’s national average consumption.

Designed with your needs in mind, the app provides a comprehensive history of your consumption patterns illustrated through intuitive and transparent graphs. By helping you monitor your water and electricity usage, the user-friendly interface not only cuts your costs but also promotes sustainability, revolutionizing your digital bill experience.

Enable receiving notifications for outstanding bills and never miss a due date. Also update your contact details regularly to stay on top of your utilities. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Should you require assistance, the EWA hotline can be reached directly through the app, which is available for download through the official eGovernment app store at bahrain.bh/apps or directly from your device’s app store.

For inquiries, visit the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul) available via the National Portal, bahrain.bh, download the Tawasul app from the eGovernment Apps Store bahrain.bh/apps, or call the Government Services Contact Center on 80008001. To receive updates on the latest news and developments, follow the iGA’s social media channels @iGAbahrain.

For more information, please visit the National Portal, bahrain.bh.

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