Saturday, November 27, 2021

    EWA Mobile App… Just got even better!

    When you didn’t want to stand in queues and rather paid online for your electricity and water bills, the Electricity & Water Authority in collaboration with the Information & eGovernment Authority had conveniently provided the valuable mobile app for the public. Today, the app got even better, more enhanced and more services.

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    The newly-added service ‘Act Now’ brings users of the mobile application with additional services – ‘Benchmark Calculator’, ‘Benchmark Comparison’ and the all-improved ‘Submit Meter Reading’ which allows customers to submit the reading for electricity and water meters of any account without the need for the eKey login.

    The tremendously popular app, available on Android and iOS platforms, benefited users with numerous day-to-day services such as the enquiring and paying of water and electricity bills, viewing bills and payments history (presents the current and previous bills), receiving notifications for outstanding bills, submitting meter readings, reporting high consumptions, updating contact details along with the Go eBill feature.

    The EWA service can be uploaded and accessible from multiple channels like the mobile application on the eGovernment Apps Store (, the National eGovernment Portal ( together with
    the National Contact Center on
    8000 8001.

    For any suggestions or enquiries on the app, please contact us via To download the app, please visit the eGovernment Apps Store.

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