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An Exceptionally Enterprising Business Magnet

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Young, dynamic and industrious. He shoulders very senior responsibilities at an unusually young age. Meet Fadi Al Majali, President of the Foreign Investment Association and the Managing Director of Majali Enterprises to understand what keeps him inspired to soar greater heights with every feat.

Tell us briefly about yourself: where you were born and raised, any special child hood memories?

I was born in AlQaser, a village in South of Jordan in 1977. I grew up there then I moved after I finished my undergraduate stage to live in the capital of Jordan Amman .

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I was a quiet child and I have always thought about a distinctive future. As my childhood memories are many; the most unforgettable and distinguished one was my failed attempt to be a famous basketball player.

Briefly tell us about your educational and professional background.

I finished my Bachelor degree in Muath Universityin1999 in Jordan and then I got my master’s degree in Project Management in 2012 from Open University of Malaysia and I am now in my process of studying my PHD in the same university in Malaysia .

Regarding work , I worked in the government sector in Jordan then I moved to work in the private sector in Zain and Orange in Jordan . After that I moved to Bahrain as a marketing manager in one of the Bahraini companies .

Then I got the opportunity to work in Ministry of Information for preparing and presenting economic programs . Eventually ,I resigned in 2004 to start my own business in the private sector .

When and how was the Foreign Investors Association (FIA) founded? What are its main objectives (briefly)

Foreign Investors Association was founded in 2015 by a group of foreign investors  where there was a need to establish it to find an umbrella that helps and defends their affairs .

The main objectives of FIA are:

  • Create an entity which is able to protect the foreign investors rights, solve their problems and defend them.
  • Participate in economic decision making.
  • Contribute with the concerned economic entities in crystallizing and drafting legislation for the economic process in the country.
  • Participate in different economic activities inside and outside Bahrain.
  • Contribute to the promotion of an attractive economic climate in Bahrain.
  • Handle regular meetings with all the members of the association.
  • Organize different activities like economic seminars and conferences.
  • Construct a database which includes statistics about foreign investment in Bahrain to provide the decision makers about the results so that it enables them to take the appropriate decisions to create climate to attract such investments and also provide the foreign investors needs.

Tell us about your own entrepreneurial venture.

My own business journey started with establishing Gulf Excellence Media in 2004. Then I developed and expanded my business to launch the Group of Majali Enterprises which includes four companies : Pro Business , More Care , Gulf Excellence Media and Gulf Law Firm and the group has branches now in Dubai and Jordan.

What challenges have you encountered as an entrepreneur and how have you overcome them?

The most important challenges which usually face the presidents at work are the vagaries of market conditions . Since 2009 markets have faced serious challenges and with each of it we pass beyond and we face more difficult new challenges .

In general Thank God we were able to deal with most of such conditions successfully .

Is it easy or difficult to handle multiple responsibilities?

I can describe myself as a multitasking person , I can do more than one task at a time , although I believe in its both positive and negative impacts on the work results .

How would you define ‘success’?

Success is one of the most interesting things that we could feel about and which makes us more satisfied in life but still it is challenging and it needs patience and absolute faith in what we are willing to do .

What is your message to the youth of Bahrain?

Nothing is impossible . Achieving is believing .

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