Excitement Continues at the ‘Festival City’ until 4th February 2017


    The ‘Festival City’ at Bahrain Bay receives thousands of visitors that took part in the fun family-friendly event which will continue until 4th February. The ‘Festival City’ is held outdoors and includes a wide variety of events and activities such as carnival games, an outdoor market, an outdoor cinema, and live theatrical and musical performances.

    The price of entry to the Festival City is only 2BD for adults and free to those under the age of 6 years old, the entrance fee includes for 4 complimentary tickets to use at any of the carnival games and rides. The ‘Festival City’ opens its doors on weekdays from 4pm to 10pm, and up to 12am on weekends.

    The Festival City considered as a key events of the third edition of ‘Shop Bahrain’ that will continue until 18th February and will allow shoppers to win a wide range of prizes including one of the 12 cars and over 25,000 valuable prizes through the weekly raffle draws when shopping throughout the duration of the festival.