As MENAs #1 Experiential Learning and Development Experts, BMC’s CoachME and their global partner Paradigm Shifters, delivered an experiential workshop for members of BBBF, BIZNET, SMC, BSTD, BMS and Capital Club.

000000222_10512-2With over 20 participants, an optimum number for such a style of delivery, the groups were provided with a progressive approach to learning, proven to ensure long-term, sustainable impact through international research from prestigious universities including Harvard University and London Business School.

Delivered by Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy, Master Coach, and Adi Breuer, Professional Certified Coach, the workshop enabled the group to connect with their personal and organisational values, manage conflict resolution, reflect upon their learning then design action.

000000222_10507T S Elliot in his stories of ‘CATS’ talks about having the experience and missing the meaning.  Well, all experiential learning is debriefed to ensure clarity of intent and understanding, with objective not necessarily being shared at the onset, contrary to requirements. In fact, the learning may actually grow and deepen through life experiences over time.

7“What’s unique about experiential learning is that it taps into all we know about how people learn – learning styles, pace, the need for reflection and journaling as well as neuroscience, by taking participants to a place of discovery through an experience.  With our projects presently running with BIBF, BisB, QFC, QFBA, and BFC, despite being a relatively new concept in MENA, this style of delivery, along with our long-term Coaching and blended learning programmes, is clearly in demand… we deliver in a Coaching style whilst caring about people, connection, intentions, objectives and responsibility for impact.”