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Extraordinarily Ordinary

With Her Excellency Hatun Demirer, Ambassador Of Turkey To The Kingdom Of Bahrain.

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A successful career woman, a dutiful wife, strong mother of two wonderful kids, a woman of iron will the list of titles goes on and she laughs and says, “Thank You for all the titles, but am still an ordinary woman”.

Having served in 6 different nations as a diplomat for the Turkish Ministry since 1989, Her Excellency Hatun Demirer is now the honorable ambassador of Turkey to Bahrain. When Bahrain This Week met her Excellency at her new chambers in Mahoos, she was more than happy to share with us all about the life being an ambassador and a woman.

Hailing from Ankara, Turkey, Ms. Demirer remembers her childhood days in her village and the migration her family had to take for the children to have better education. “It still happens in our region”, Ms. Demirer remembers. Having followed her father’s dream of seeing her as a successful Accountant, she has made her family proud giving them the bigger picture of being the representative of the wonderful nation Turkey.

When we asked Her Excellency about the life being an Ambassador, Ms. Demirer answered, “Being a diplomat for the ministry of Turkey is an honour and now thinking am at top of the profession. But that doesn’t stop there. Every day we get to learn new things and that continues”.

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“Like any other ambassadors am also representing my nation, our culture, tradition and what we stand for. We represent our country in the best possible way in all the spheres. The bilateral political commercial relations, economic and cultural interactions, everything has its own importance and we aim at being there to maintain the relation between the nations we serve and represent”. Ms. Demirer shared.

Her Excellency is a strong believer on the power of women. “We women have different roles. I would like to say different hats”, she continued. “Women are expected to be first of all a mother, a wife and be the care taker. Being able to handle different roles, it comes natural to them and they become expert professionals”. Ms. Demirer also extended her happiness at women now being there in all sectors of the society including sharing the economical and political responsibilities of a country.

Being an ambassador and a mother is a critical situation and Ms. Demirer has been skillfully handling both the responsibilities. “I am a playing mother”, she says with the smile of a proud mother. I get to spend little time with my kids and those times I make sure are used properly. I love playing with them, watch with them their favorite DVDs, making sure that I spend quality time with my children”.

“In our culture, family is of highest importance. But that doesn’t mean you don’t go for a profession. Its all about learning to manage them”, Ms Demirer quotes. We know these are words of the wise as Ms. Demirer’s husband is His Excellency the honorable ambassador of Turkey to Saudi Arabia. And the diplomatic couple has successfully maintained their profession and family supporting each other staying rooted to their cultural values and passing it to the coming generations.

When we asked Her Excellency about maintain bilateral relations, Ms. Demirer had the following views to share, “Our commercial bilateral economic and commercial relations are beyond its potential. Bilateral trade volume is near 400 million dollars and it is not enough. Bahrain embassy in Ankara also is concentrating on increasing the commercial relation between the two countries. It is about increasing interest for both the nations. Now a days there are lots of potential with the changes in laws, business environment being more fertile thus making it more convenient for foreign investment. As an ambassador I am also trying to achieve the same. The Joint economic commissions and business council develop the basic mechanisms for the trade and commercial relations. For the engine to work proper, road maps and regular meeting on both sides should be set clear. It takes mutual effort for this engine to work. It works the same for all such relations.”

“There have been few bilateral high level visits from both our nations. And we are expecting more in the coming days.” Ms Demirer shared her expectations.

She also appreciated the open door policy the Turkish Government had taken during the last few years. “During the last 5-6 years, our Government has taken an open door policy. As long as the concerned authorities do their duty, nothing should put a barrier between people visiting our beautiful nation”.

Turkish e Visa system is a huge success allowing tourists to gain visa in close to 24 hours. And for those who have to visit the embassy to complete the process never return unhappy. “As long as you are a legal resident to the kingdom and have all the documents in place, nothing can stop you from visiting Turkey”. Ms. Demirer proudly adds admiring the tourism prospects of Turkey.

With Turkey celebrating its Republic Day on 29th October, Ms. Demirer was all in praise about Bahrain and the support the nation provides to the native and expatriate population here. “In Bahrain, I never felt am in a foreign nation. It’s always home away from home and I love it in here.”

And for the ambitious women out there, Her Excellency had the following words of advice. “The world is an open platform. There are more opportunities than you can imagine awaiting you. The most important of them all is having good education. Keeping rooted with the traditions and cultures, you can still change the way society thinks and come out in flying colours. As women we have inherent qualities that can help us reach the heights and it should help you attain your goals.” “And then the world will have more lady ambassadors as well”, Ms. Demirer finishes with a smile.

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