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Instagram is testing a Facebook-like profile for businesses — here’s what it looks like

Instagram Business Account

Earlier this year, Instagram confirmed that it was developing business profiles — a la Facebook Brand Pages. Recently, we managed to snag a peek at just what these new offerings look on iOS thanks to Later.com reporter Taylor Loren.

The new profiles remain largely the same short of three notable additions: a contact button, linkable location tag and a category to better classify the nature of your business.

The “Contact” button is an especially nice addition, as many businesses have resorted to adding their email addresses to their bio — a move certain to end in spam. By hiding the email address, yet still giving Instagram users the ability to contact you directly (without friending them), Instagram addresses the need while avoiding the rather awful workaround currently being used.

Credit: Later.com
Credit: Later.com

The “Contact” button also gives Instagram users the ability to grab directions to a local office, a nice touch.

The “Location” tag features a map to find the whereabouts of any Instagram user with a business account.

Again, the workaround here was for users to write the location into their bio, but it obviously isn’t the best use of the 150 characters Instagram gives accounts to describe who they are and what they do.

Credit: Later.com

Last, we have better categorization of accounts through tags.

The account shown has “Health/Wellness Website” tag, which could help to shed doubt that you’re adding the right account, or make it easier to find business accounts that better align with your interests or needs.

All three additions are smart solutions to current pain points on the platform for businesses. Perhaps more importantly, each keeps users from having to use precious bio space to address common issues that seem like a relatively easy fix.

Currently, Instagram’s Business Profiles are only available to a handful of users while it continues to test and tweak the new changes. There’s no word yet on when (or if) these features will make their way to the platform for everyone.

via thenextweb