Bahrain witnessed a unique bonding across countries last week when the Liverpool Fan Club (LFC) of Bahrain met some delegates and the Liverpool Supporters Group of Saudi Arabia at Kasbah Café to watch the match together as well as exchange gifts and get to know each other better. This was a symbolic event that displayed how sport and the love of one club can unite people across borders.  The Saudi delegation had travelled hundreds of kilometers just to be there for the meet. Mohammed Ateekster, speaking to BTW said, ‘The Liverpool Supporters Group in Bahrain is the first official football fans club in Bahrain that is licenced by the Bahraini government. We believe this could be the start of a regional force in fan base.’

The Official Liverpool Supporters club was founded by Mr. Dheya A. Aziz Tawfiqi and was officially recognized by Liverpool Football Club in 2015 and as under the name of Friends of Liverpool Society in Bahrain in 2016. The club was Official since 2015 by Liverpool football club in England and 2016 by the Bahrain government.  It has Around 300 members so far and increasing. The basic aims of the club is to Promote the city of Liverpool in England and its football team,  help the Bahraini society through  charitable works, organize charity events and sports activities. It has also represented internationally the official Liverpool supporters in Bahrain and provide match tickets to its members.

At the meet, the President of Bahrain Liverpool  supporters’ Club, Mr. Dheya A. Aziz Tawfiqi invited all Liverpool football club fans in Bahrain to follow them  on our social media sites @LFCBahrain and to join them in their match gatherings which are being held at Kasbah Café in the Seef district during which many exciting prizes are offered to be won.

Mr Ateekster said: ‘We are currently meeting at Kasbah Café for all of Liverpool’s matches. We are planning on hosting a number of charitable events and sporting activities in the future. LFC Bahrain members also get the opportunity to obtain match tickets and fly to the city of Liverpool where they can attend a football match and also visit the city and get to know its rich culture and heritage’.

He also said that, ‘Each country has its own local Liverpool supporters club. However, we are planning on meeting such clubs and visiting their countries to strengthen the relationships between the regional clubs and foster the connections. Maybe one day create a regional force of Liverpool Football Club fans’.

We wish LFC Bahrain the very best for the future.