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Fashionably Responsible

With Ms. Hamra Alam, Founder Lights, Camera, Fashion

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Renowned Fashion Designer Ms Hamra Alam is a person who leads her life way above the glam and glitter of the fashion ramp. She is well known for the designer classes she takes for the autistic and the support she provides them through her institution. The creator of Hamra Alam collection and founder of Lights, Camera, Fashion was more than happy to share with BTW, the happiness of contributing to the society through her noble deeds.

How did you develop your thoughts and life being a socially responsible person?

I am a firm believer of individual social responsibility, thanks to my parents; especially my father who taught me generosity, kindness and respect for others as the real education and way of one’s living. He also taught me to always be the first to give with my eyes closed.

I have been quite lucky to have met very good people in my life who understood the real meaning of the act of giving. Recently we three friends have become the 3 founders of what we call the Individual social responsibility which you will find out more about in our fashion yet educational event on the 5th march.

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I am very much at peace with myself when I have more to offer others but what really pains me is when the disabled are not treated the way they ought to be. I aim to be the legs, the arms and the voice for those unheard pleas because God has blessed me with all my limbs and my intellect. I feel it incumbent upon myself to develop my intellectual abilities reflecting more and more on the simpler things around me beginning with my family, then the friends then the community of which I am part of.

Practicing love as a way of life is something I saw in my father while growing up, always giving without expecting any returns.

It is said that teaching kids with autism is not very easy and you actually teach them to design their own attire. How do you achieve this?

Autistic kids and people with disabilities given the time and energy can excel more in life. So I felt I always needed to be close to their beautiful energy and they also make me appreciate my existence to the universe with all of my faculties and senses.

How do you manage your time designing your own line of cloths and your philanthropic activities?

Philanthropy is a part of me. It is a part of my life which is my duty as a human being. So I always find time for my community activities and at the same time being there with my profession.

Take the example of this Saturday when I went for a walk by the sea. I saw the enormous amount of garbage lying around and my natural instinct was: where is the garbage bin?

It was just 2 of us when we started and before we knew there were like 17 and had now cleaned the sea shore within an hour and 15 minutes.

What a great feeling it was to be able to accomplish the unaccomplished if I had not set my mind to it.

Many thanked me for the adhoc initiative, but I thanked them back as we were all in it together for an hour as volunteers without expecting anything in return.

How about your students at LCF?

I am very proud of my students, I teach them all the same things but what they all deliver is their own creative personal individuality which is the beauty of who they are. They shine when they are good listeners, they shine when they are good problem solvers and they excel when they are patient.

Soon for you all to see in the show the 6 students work on the runway. 

With the anniversary celebrations of LCF scheduled for March can we have a short note on the plans in motion?

The show will kick starts at 2pm on March 05 2015 with fashion and design workshops for autistic, widows, orphans and other guests followed with seminars by the professionals. We also have book signing session by ali in the wheelchair who is looking forward to open a super market. There are many other attractions including live hair styling and make up sessions.

With the curtain raiser next week we will be announcing the surprises that are in line for all our dear visitors.  

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