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Fe AlDarb: Winner of INJAZ Bahrain- High School Best Social Impact Award

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INJAZ Bahrain has recently conducted the 12th edition of Young Entrepreneurs Competition that witnessed student entrepreneurs from around the Kingdom competing to obtain the coveted Awards.

Sitra Secondary Girls School- Abrar Jalal Hussain, Fadak ali Maki,  Zainab Ali Redha (Zainab Aman), Fatima Sadiq Nesaif, Wadeeah A.Ameer Ali, and Noor Ali Radhi- won the  High School Best Social Impact Award for their innovative Fe AlDarb under the coordination of Fatima Al Asfoor. The team shares the details of Fe AlDarb with Bahrain This Week.

Can you detail Fe AlDarb for our readers?

Fe AlDarb is an app for ordering gas and water services. Through it, the user can choose the service, company, and then the order. The app has many features such as choosing delivery time, re-order, to make it easier for people to order. It is available in both Arabic and English.

How did the idea of Fe AlDarb originate?

We wanted to create an app that will help people and solve some problems they face.

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How long did it to develop the app?

We managed to finish the app in a short period of time. It was a challenging project, but we were dedicated to complete it into perfection.

How’s Fe AlDarb different from similar services?

It is different, because it provides a service everyone needs in their everyday lives. Also, it solves problems like the late delivery of the service or the order arrives when the customer is not in home etc.

What’s the next project for your team?

There are many plans to improve and develop our idea. For example, we are planning to make a load sensor that should measure the amount of gas left in the cylinder and send a notification to the user in the app if the gas is about to finish.

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