Friday, June 18, 2021

    Feast Like a Carnivore at Le Sauvage!

    On the radar of our Taste of Tradition this week, we have the irresistible lure of mouth-watering meat and other delicacies at Le Sauvage of the Domain Hotel & Spa. Of the eight restaurants and lounges on the offer at the Domain Hotel and Spa, Le Sauvage, is a leather-bound, masculine grill room on level 34 with open kitchen, serving curated cuts of meat and classic French side dishes to share. The restaurant along with the other restaurants at Dome make the hotel a destination for food culture, an electrifying collection, inspired by the seasons, by the best ingredients and by a host of chefs who are completely and utterly dedicated to their craft.

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    It is interesting to note that Chef senior chef de cuisine, Rukmal Samarasekera has started the process of aging fine cuts of meats, in-house, to achieve a taste and texture that’s truly unique.   This is  a process that allowing the meat to rest in very carefully controlled conditions for a period of time, often lasting up to several weeks.

    What hooks BTW to Le Sauvage is the Dish of the Week, Home Made Liquid Olive Sphericals, prepared by chef Rukmal Samarasekera on the tenets of molecular gastronomy.

    Home Made Liquid Olive Sphericals

    Let’s get the ingredients listed 

    Green and Black Olive Liquid

    Spanish Green Olives: 500 gm

    Calcic: 3gm

    Xantana Gum: 1gm

    Salt & Pepper by taste


    Mineral Water: 1500 gm

    Algin: 7.5 gm

    The Herb Oil

    Olive oil: 500 ml

    Coriander seed: 5 gm

    Black pepper whole 4 gm

    Bay Leaves 1

    Thyme 5gm

    Rosemary 5gm

    Lemon Skin 4 gm

    Orange Skin gm

    Garlic 5 gm

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