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Fereej VIVA to support Bahraini families

Successfully completing the first phase of its community-driven initiative ‘Fereej VIVA’ invests BD 100,000 to support Bahraini families.

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In partnership with the Ministry of Housing, VIVA Bahrain continues its ‘Fereej VIVA’ corporate social responsibility initiative under ‘VIVA Jusoor’, with the first phase if investments reaching over BD 100,000. The two-year sustainable community initiative has successfully served a number of low-income families by providing quality housing services and will extend its efforts to support more local families in the second phase.

The project, launched in March 2015, incorporates various social projects founded with the objective of supporting women with low-income in the Kingdom, including divorcees and widows. Since its introduction, as part of this initiative VIVA has furnished houses and apartments provided by the Ministry of Housing in Muhurraq, Burhama and Isa Town. Building on the success achieved so far, the second phase will target new housing units located in Um Al Hassam and Hamad Town.

Shaikh Zeyad bin Faisal Al Khalifa, VIVA’s Chief of Government Affairs and CSR commended the success achieved in the first phase and emphasized the importance of driving investments in humanitarian initiatives that benefit the local community. “We are highly aware of the level of responsibility we have towards the Bahraini community and we are very glad that our initiative ‘Fereej VIVA’ has allowed us to meet those objectives. The first phase has been a great success with the support of the Ministry of Housing and we will reiterate our efforts under this initiative to stand by the government’s vision and support more members of the community.”

The ‘Fereej VIVA’ initiative runs in parallel to the royal vision to provide quality housing services for citizens with limited income. Beneficiaries are selected based on extensive internal studies bythe Ministry of Housing on the applicant’s financial status.

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