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Festive Nail Art to Kick Off Your V-Day!

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What’s on the cards today, on Valentine’s Day for you? No matter what it is, we at JOZ SALON &SPA created two (super easy!) Valentine’s Day inspired nail art looks for you to get into the groove to ce.

If you’re in a relationship

1.To start building your heart, place the corner of a piece of tape, and paint the rest of your nail with a light pink shade.
2. Use a thin striker brush and lavender polish to trace the v-shape and create the rounds of the heart, bringing the purple down 1/3 of the outer edges of your nails.
3. Create the point of the heart using a hot pink shade and the same thin brush. Just draw two diagonal lines from the outer edges of the middle of your nail, meet them at the tips, and fill in the outside triangles.

If you’re single: 

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1. To create an ombre striped look, first paint two coats of the white polish vertically on 1/2 of your nail, and two coats of black on the opposite 1/4, leaving a space between the two.
2. Using a deep red shade, paint a sheer stripe overlapping the black. Let it dry, and then paint over the edge with bright red.
3. Continue the same pattern with two gradually lighter shades, and finish with a thin stripe of Fiji over the remaining white edge.

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