Fierce Competition between Hitbox, Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube in game live streaming


Hitbox has some huge competition to challenge as a rival to Amazon’s Twitch gameplay livestreaming service and Google YouTube gaming videos. But Martin Klimscha, chief executive of Hitbox, isn’t concerned about that.

He is moving forward with a game livestreaming service that offers a resolution of 4K and a speed of 60 frames per second for later this year. That’s a lot more detail and a lot faster than the standard 1080p livestreams of rivals.

“They’re like Coke and Pepsi,” he said in an interview with GamesBeat at last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big gaming trade show in Los Angeles. “They’re both huge. We’re Red Bull. We’re pushing forward for what gamers need.”

Hitbox believes this is a new way for livestreamers to stand out from the pack of millions doing the same thing. But it’s just what Hitbox needs to make a difference. Right now, it has 6 million monthly active users, while Twitch has well over 100 million.