Finding Solace in Writing

In Conversation with Ms. Noor Bahman; Author of ‘Solace’.

noorAt a young age of 19, when her peers were busy with gadgets and parties, Ms. Noor Bahman was walking into history, being the youngest Bahraini author. ‘Solace’, the collection of her poetry became an inspiration to many youngsters of the region to come out of the niche created by the fantasy world of technology and everything bling. Currently pursuing her Journalism & International studies at the University of Bukingham, UK, Noor shared with BTW her inspiration, work in progress and life after the success of her first publication.

Reading, Writing and being Inspired

“I actually started reading classics from a young age. I loved my books; I had every literary classic you could imagine. From Dickens, to Austen, to Poe; I read it all. So by the time I was 12, I was curious if I had any creative writing skills. And by the time I was 19, I guess you could say I was confident enough in my writing to put together a book.”

“Within every stage of my life there was a particular person who inspired me to push myself and aim higher. My 7th Grade teacher at Sacred Heart School, Mrs. De, was the first teacher who confronted me about my writing. She gave me faith in my creative skills. My 11th Grade teacher Mr. Jonathan Wilson played a larger role in developing my writing skills. He actually inspired me to get into Journalism. Last but not least, the very core of my independence and will to succeed comes from my Father. Most parents wouldn’t read the scribbled verses of their children, but he did. And he always believed that I was a good writer even when I was only 12. He continues to push me even today, to stand on my own two feet and it’s his love that makes me what I am today. And Thanks to my loving stepmom who always told me that I wasn’t just talented, but was equally loved by both my parents.”

Being Passionate and Open to Criticism

“I think anyone who is passionate about writing can tell you that the hardest part would be to believe in your own work. It takes a budding writer a very long time to grow confident of his or her writing. Sharing our work comes with more than just conveying our thoughts and emotions. When you decide to put your work out there, you need to be open to criticism and sometimes even harsh comments.”

“I never cared much for attention from the public. My work was mostly about making a statement regarding gender roles in the Middle East and youth hardships.”

Digital Solace

I had uploaded a digital version of the book on my blog when it first came out. I wanted it to be accessible to everyone and anyone who wanted to read it. Especially since the true purpose of publishing the book was for other individuals, who either went through or are going through similar circumstances, to find something they could relate to.”

Being the Youngest Bahraini Author and Balancing Life

“The difference I feel doesn’t come from being tagged as the youngest Bahraini author. It comes from the readers who reached out to me and expressed how they felt. I was very touched by the fact that a lot of them truly grasped the right interpretation of the book’s content.”

“I don’t really need to balance between them because my group of friends are pretty much interested in the same things; politics, social issues and current affairs. So work is play and play is work I guess!”

Keeping her Plate Full and Inspiring Others

“Well there are a couple of unfinished projects I’ve been working on. I can’t tell when I’ll be able to publish a book; however there are possibilities of publishing articles every now and then. The journalism, blogging and other projects keeps me busy. I enjoy keeping my plate full.”

“It’s good to know that I have perhaps inspired other young writers like myself. But I prefer not to be a role model but more of a peer that they can relate to. I share everything I know about writing with anyone who asks me for advice and tips. I don’t think I have accomplished that much as of yet to be called a role model.”

Message for the Aspiring Writers in the Kingdom

“I always say this, and I’ll keep saying it, you may feel that your actions are very limited because of your age and society always makes sure to remind us of this. However, you as an individual should never let age get in the way of accomplishing something. It’s never too early to pursue your writing aspirations and it will never be too late. But when you’re young you see the world differently. And that’s something very few adult writers can accomplish.”

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