Finest Food from the Sub continent


Roti Boti is the exceptional Indian cuisine experience you’ve been waiting for…

Hidden away from the city in Al Areen Palace and Spa lies Roti Boti – a den of sumptuous Indian cuisine. From succulent kebabs to heavenly desserts, the restaurant serves a delightful spread of classic and time-honoured dishes with what executive chef Janardan Das calls “a touch of love”.

Starting off with a refreshing Garden Salad, which is made of organically grown ingredients in the hotel premises, diners are treated to a variety of juicy meats and delectable curries.

The Gilafi Seekh Kebab, lamb mince mixed with spices and cheese and finished with a gilaf (cover) of onion and capsicum, then cooked in oven, paired exceedingly well with creamy tandoori broccoli. The tender lamb with the accompanying green chutney leaves behind a satisfying aftertaste, setting you up for the course to come.

The highlight of the meal came next with the Malai Tikka, which is bound to melt the most-demanding palate with its signature tanginess. The bite-size pieces of chicken cooked in yoghurt, cheese, ginger and garlic perfectly balances creaminess with warmth from the spices, resulting in a dish hard not to fall in love with.

For the vegetarians, there are the hearty and flavourful Dal Makhani and Kadai Paneer – two classic dishes highly recommended to be eaten with the soft and fluffy buttered naans (bread).

Also a glass of Mango Lassi provides the perfect way to wash it all down.

The desserts too demanded its share of the spotlight with the heavenly Mishti Doi – sweetened yoghurt preparation that is simply addictive. Other amazing desserts included the flavoured rice pudding Phirni and the traditional “Indian ice cream” Kulfi with a mango twist.

Overall, Roti Boti is the destination in Bahrain to go to for an exceptional experience with Indian cuisine. The ambiance is rustic and comfortable and diners are also given the option to dine outdoors.