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Fintech Consortium and Georgetown University Announce Strategic Partnership

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Fintech Consortium (“FinCon”)and Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on numerous initiatives related to Fintech innovation and education.

Possible collaborations include the development of Fintech certificate and degree programs, joint innovation labs, joint research and publication, and the exchange of Fintech ecosystem data. Furthermore, FinCon will facilitate faculty and student exchange programs and provide complete access to its global hubs in Singapore and Bahrain for the purposes of research and academic residencies.

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business educates its students to be principled, globally minded leaders in service to business and society. Through its location in the global capital city of Washington, D.C., its access to a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise at Georgetown University, and its longstanding Jesuit educational tradition, the globally ranked and recognized school prepares students to have the tools, techniques, and mindsets to solve the most pressing issues of our time and the future.

Georgetown McDonough also is home to the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy, which is leading the way at Georgetown in Fintech education. This spring, they launched the school’s first undergraduate Fintech course, and they regularly partner with the Digital Chamber of Commerce to present an annual Blockchain Summit. The center also connects practitioners to scholarship, and last year it partnered with the World Economic Forum to produce research on “The Complex Regulatory Landscape for FinTech” in collaboration with professors and MBA students.

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Maissan Al Maskati, Chairman of Fintech Consortium, said: “Whether it’s the education of the next generation of entrepreneurs or the retraining of an existing work force, the development of human talent is the most critical component of any Fintech ecosystem. Learning to think, plan, and execute differently, is all part of the journey that any global financial center must embrace. In Singapore and Bahrain we see a particular emphasis on the development of a skilled local work force in financial services, and a serious intent by key stakeholders to adapt to a future determined by technology. We are excited about our partnership with Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and look forward to working with them to bring a unique educational offering to our platform while jointly collaborating on projects that further contribute to Fintech innovation.”

Paul Almeida, Dean and William R. Berkley Chair of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, who is an academic expert on innovation and strategy said: “Everything from technological advances like Fintech or the impacts of globalization is changing the way business operates. Jobs are going to look different than they have in the past. This is why it is important for schools like Georgetown McDonough to ensure our students and alumni gain the right skills, mindsets, and relationships to be successful. This is why our faculty need to be at the forefront of producing thought leadership about these changes. And, this is why we must be innovative in our approaches to changing how and what we teach. We are pleased to partner with the Fintech Consortium to collaborate, innovate, and explore how to best adapt to the many opportunities presented by Fintech.”

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