First Motors, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, asserted their attendance at the Consumer Protection Awareness Exhibition that was held at City Centre Bahrain.

The week long exhibition administered by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism’s Consumer Protection Directorate in cooperation with the Car Dealers Association, brought to light the benefits of procuring genuine automobile parts, as opposed to the downsides in using their fraudulent counterfeit ones. It focused on raising consumer awareness in upholding high safety standards on the roads, all the while not having to compromise on the efficiency and longevity of the automobile. The exhibition provided the perfect opportunity for car dealers to advise the consumers on how purchasing fake spare parts hindered the performance of their vehicles in the long haul in addition to posing a threat to passengers and civilians collectively.

“Authenticity and integrity are the prime principles on which First Motors is bolstered, as such, the safety and peace of mind of our consumers are of utmost concern to us”, assured Mr Ahsan Chishty, the General Manager of First Motors. “Most of the times consumers do not realise the hazards of employing cheap, fake spare parts to their vehicles which jeopardises their safety by posing an increased risk of failure in operation. In using such parts, you put to risk the integrity of your vehicle as chances are, they may sabotage other integral components of your vehicle”, he advised.

“Certified original spare parts are backed by warranty, which ensures the overall warranty of your vehicle thereby protecting your investment by keeping it unscathed. Original parts and accessories are conceived to guarantee competitive performance which extends the running life of the vehicle ensuring a safe and reliable motoring experience”, he added.

First Motors, part of Al Zayani Investments group, is fully committed to demonstrating to the Bahraini market that Hyundai is the brand that represents unique value for money without compromise. Their confidence in the brands is demonstrated through their sensational Lifetime Warranty that is offered on the entire range of passenger vehicles.