Friday, October 22, 2021

    With Fix2Go, Snap on the App to fill the Gap

    Noticed a traffic defect, road fault or damage in a public utility?… You can report it to allow concerned entities to make the necessary modifications. With the Tawasul app – mobile version of the National Suggestions & Complaints System available on the eGovernment Apps Store – handles any suggestions, enquiries or complaints you may have in a variety of new features that aren’t accessible in the system’s website. Operated by the Information & eGovernment Authority, the Fix2Go feature is included in the mobile app to enhance the communication channels between the public and government entities in order to improve their services and quality.

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    Everyone can be an active partner in the development process by easily and conveniently reporting any damage in public facilities or roads in a short period of time that does not exceed 30 seconds. Fix2Go takes advantage of the latest technologies through its GPS feature to distinguish the exact location of damage or defect.

    Enabling users to snap a photo of the damaged facility helps in keeping Bahrain’s public properties safe and unharmed. Citizens and residents noticing any damage may report through the feature’s over 13 encompassed categories – Public Park Damages, Flooding, Road Fault, Food Processing Violations, Electricity Outage, Illegal Dumping, Expired Food Products, Litter Accumulation, Traffic Signal Maintenance, Water Leakage, Street Lighting, Animal Welfare, Sanitary Maintenance along with the ‘Others’ category which enables submitting of cases that are not related in these mentioned categories.

    To make the mobile app user-friendly and simple, each symbol of the above categories has been linked to its concerned ministry by spontaneously receiving the case and immediately begin in taking the necessary action. Other important feature includes making an account for the user to avoid re-entering of information in the future; photographing and uploading documents as well as reports; the notification feature notifies the user that the entity has responded to the case in addition to the evaluation feature which enables the user to assess the case.

    To download this application that is available on Android and iOS platforms, please visit Bahrain’s eGovernment Apps Store ( or contact us via ( to send us any suggestions or enquiries you may have.

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