Flagship Lexus LS Coming To Bahrain


Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the sole distributor of Lexus vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced that the all new Lexus LS range will be available at its showroom in Sitra by the end of November.

With over six years of development and more than $1 billion dollars spent, the LS and the Lexus brand were introduced to the world in 1989. The advanced technology, bullet-proof reliability and value price of the LS transformed the luxury automotive industry for the better. The LS has set the tone for Lexus — the second-generation LS arrived in 1994 as an improved carbon copy of the original, the LS 430 in 2000 was the ultimate expression of luxury and reliability, and the 2007 fourth-generation LS 460 helped establish the Lexus L-Finesse design language that reinvented the brand.

The new LS comes in three variants: the LS 350, which is equipped with a new, powerful V6 engine, the LS 500h, the hybrid model, and the powerful LS 500 Turbo, which is slated to arrive in January 2018.

Since the debut of its first generation LS 400 in 1989, the LS line-up has been credited with redefining the automobile industry due to a string of numerous innovations that stretch over two decades and several generations of the marque, which include being the first car to feature a steering wheel with a supplementary restraint system, the first production car to feature a collapsible steering column, the first car to offer an optional six-disc CD auto-changer as part of its audio system, and the first car in the world to have satellite navigation fitted as standard, among other pioneering achievements. Lexus is also the first and only automaker to offer an OEM mobile audio system designed by Levinson, introduce the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission, and debut the world’s first full hybrid in 2007.