Following His Heart All the Way to Success!


From being a successful HR professional to establishing his own IT company, Microtech Computers that has been the market leader in networking business, it’s been a long and illustrious journey of a man who followed his heart to become a successful entrepreneur. BTW speaks to Mr Masood Khan, Chairman & Managing Director – Microtech Computers WLL to understand the successful man and his journey.

Briefly summarise your educational and professional background?

I am a graduate in Economics (Honours) from Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi. I have a double Post Graduate degree in Economics & Social work (with a specialization in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management)from the same university. Post my education, I worked as a HR Manager in a large TV manufacturing   facility  in Northern India handling complex labour disputes, negotiations and managing the HR function of a large Factory.  Having done this for a couple of years I moved to one of the largest Electronics and Home Appliances brand, as their HR  Head of the factory. During my tenure, here I was involved in looking after the various Industrial relations, training and development, employee engagement, payroll and statutory compliances and running of the HR operations .

Had your current profession/occupation been a calling for you  right from an early age?

No,  I started as an HR professional and  over a period of time I realised I would be able to do much better as an entrepreneur due to my relationship building skills. In fact, I was totally new for the I.T.field.I got some basic idea about the products and its market  from my elder brother who was already in the I.T. field for quite long time. I also felt that I would be able to help and support many more people in need and help them by creating jobs and opportunities .That is what inspired me to start my own business and become an entrepreneur.

Tell us briefly about your enterprise, Microtech: when and how it was founded, vision, mission, etc.

Microtech Computers was founded in 2002 as an IT company to serve the local Bahrain market. We have another  two I.T. companies in Bahrain in the name of Microtech Solutions which provide I.T. solutions and consultancy. Over the years, we have expanded our operation to three GCC countries i.e. Qatar, Oman and UAE. We are in process of opening a branch in Kuwait as well. Due to in-country operations, we are able to serve better to our customers.

Give us brief information on the products that you provide at Microtech?

We focus on high growth and upcoming product category such as Wireless Networking, storage and mobility product. Recently we have added action camera to our product portfolio. Some of the products for which we are currently distributors in Bahrain are TP-Link, Securify, Port Designs, Linkcomn, Thi EYE and Intex accessories. Other than this we are the core partner/re-seller of some of the leading I.T. brands like HP, Dell, Western Digital, Seagate, Linksys and Cisco.

New Doc 5_1Any special achievement by your company so far?

For the last 14 years, Microtech is known for the market leader in the networking businesss. We have successfully launched many new brands in the market. Last year,we have sold a record number of TP-LINK ADSL routers in Bahrain which itself is the highest sale in the region for the TP-Link. Some of the Microtech Computers achievements are :

a. Awarded Best Linksys retailers in the Gulf.

b. Awarded Best Linksys by Cisco re-seller in the Middle East and Africa region.

c. Received Best Distributor award from Networking Vendor SMC,US Robotics and TP-LINK

Received Best Distributor award for Bahrain from Intex Technologies and Linkcomn.

How have Microtech been unique in its services?

Apart from having  full-fledged local operation, we work very closely to our customers which includes top retailers in the region, corporate client and ISP such as Batelco. We ensure our customers are not only satisfied with our service but we make effort to delight them by ensuring prompt delivery, technical support and After Sales support. With shift in demand, currently wi-fi products are our key focus.

Where do you see Microtech in the next 5 years?

As part of our commitment to cementing our business, it’s important for us to develop some of the products that suit the markets. We would like to continue our growth both in terms of territory and product portfolio. With the tie-up with some ISP, we will be able to offer customer reliable Internet solutions that meet the requirement for SOHO and SMBs.

Mr Masood Khan, Chairman & Managing Director – Microtech Computers WLL

What have been the obstacles that you have encountered so far in your journey? How have you overcome them?

Frequent change in technology is the major obstacles in any I.T. business. In fact, we started our business with Desktop sales and 56K dial up fax modem for the internet connection.The current trend is high internet speed through fibre optics and 4G LTE routers. So, we re-aligned our focus as technology evolved and with shift in demand. Currently, Wi-Fi products are our key focus.

What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs of Bahrain?

Bahrain is one of the most business friendly countries in region and centrally located. So with low startup capital aspiring entrepreneurs have excellent in-country growth opportunity and beyond. I think there are a few things that always help any entrepreneur.

  • Have a clear business plans and objective,
  • Your vision should be to create something and value to your customers ( earning money should not be the only objective)
  • Believe in yourself and your idea and last but not the least,
  • Follow your heart!