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Food is Culture III Events : A mixture of arts and cooking enjoyment

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The second collaboration in Food is Culture III , brought  together Artist Wedad Al-Bakr and Chef Kostas Magoulas, who tried to link arts with the cuisine secret world, making a creative fantastic outcome.  Food is Culture is a creative experimental project that aims to bridge together the mediums of art and food and it is running in parallel with the  44th edition of Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, and in celebration of “Muharraq as Capital of Islamic Culture 2018”

Artist Wedad Al-Bakr expressed her delight and appreciation of this creative festival that combines two forms of art, lauding the efforts  of BACA to bring together different schools of thought and talented chefs. She added that this unconventional event has contributed to the emergence of creative talents by artists and chefs alike. The Greek  Chef  Kostas, for his part, said that his dual with artist Al-Bakr gave birth to the idea of food and beverages that are inspired by the nature of the place and the surrounding environment, thanking BACA for coming up with this innovative festival. He added that by taking part in this endeavor, many chefs regained some of the wits and talents that they have abandoned.

During the event, chef Kostas presented many recipes tasting fresh radishes mixed with musky flagrant smell of basil and musk, forming  a milder essence of that flavor along with a delightfully creamy texture when cooked. Al-Bakr’s passion for this scent , al “mashmoom” or myrtle basil, was reflected in her paintings and through water bottles recycling, writing and painting, a tradition specific to the region. Saudi Artist Wedad Al-Bakr works with soft pastels, charcoal, oil, acrylic, and gold leaves. Her work is heavily influenced by her university degree in Arabic literature, as many of her paintings are visual portrayals of written expression. Wedad aims to increase the awareness and appreciation of art in our societies. As an artist native to the Arabian Peninsula, her wish is to share with others the charm of Arab heritage; its poetry, music, art, and simplest traditions. These are the things that define Arab identity. Every culture comes with its flaws, but there is always an underlying beauty that will be ignored if it is not emphasized through creative expression. Recently, Wedad has been focusing on concepts of togetherness and cross cultural understanding. She believes that art can encourage communication, peace, and respect despite our differences. Kostas is a Greek executive Michelin star chef, currently developing many concepts in the Kingdom of Bahrain, giving private one of a kind classes, consulting business and teaches people the definition and roots of eating healthy and homemade food.

Since its inception, “Food is Culture” festival experiment sheds light on creative processes that take place when two individuals (from different creative disciplines) collaborate. For a whole week at 7:00pm, artists and chefs get together and work to produce a creative product; be it a painting, installation, video, cake, drink, all or something completely different. The result of their  creative work, which is documented in a short film and a publication, will be presented during the course of the week, where they share and display their collective creations. The event is public free.

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On 24 January, Saneya AbdulAal (Perfectly Pressed) and artist  Haya Al Khalifa will form a marvelous dual, while the last day of the festival will feature artist Fatima Jamal (Lezzet)  and artist Jaffar Al-Oraibi on 25 January.

Comes from his sensibility and sensitivity to the ingredients, with his own modern twist. His palette is vibrant and unexpected, taking full advantage of the colors and flavors of nature while blending his French upbringing and training with the influences in Bahrain, a historical passage between East and West.

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