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For the Love of Pets

In conversation with Pauline Richards, founder of Delmon Boarding Kennels and Cattery

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Delmon Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a one of its kinds wonder world for pets in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This English style recreational boarding facility for our feline and canine favourites offers them a comfortable ‘home away from home’ environment. Spread over an area of 9000 square meters, this facility is known for the special care that pets receive during their stay here.

The brain behind the idea, Pauline Richards, sat down with Bahrain This Week, explaining to us her 10 year journey with Delmon Kennels and Cattery. With the establishment of Delmon Pets Relocator – the first official special purpose pet relocation & animal transport company for the import and export of tame animals in 2010, she is entering the next phase of caring for her beloved animals.

Tell us about your journey to Bahrain and your love of pets…

I arrived in Bahrain in January 1988, when I adopted my first dog from BSPCA, a GSD mix called Sheba.

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I briefly repatriated to the UK in 2003, only to return in 2005 to open the kennels.  I have owned pets since childhood and have always had an interest in their welfare and ownership. For the two years in UK, I studied Kennel Management and dog training.

When you started off in 2005, the boarding kennel and cattery in itself was something new to the Kingdom. What made you decide on giving life to this idea?

When I owned my first dog I was unable to find the perfect place to board my dog or other services that I required. This was also the case with all of the other expats.  I wanted to provide a professional English Style kennel and cattery that provided complete services that include boarding, relocation, training, play days, grooming, and specialist care.

Do you remember the first canine and feline visitors? How was the experience for the first time?

Yes, a very exciting but apprehensive experience; I found myself being an auntie to a whole new family of furry kids!

What are the recreational facilities available at Delmon for the boarders?

We offer a wide variety of recreational facilities, including socialization, training, mind games, swimming and exercise on a ‘fit fur life’ treadmill, grooming, mud baths and a selection of agility style activities.

How did you decide on the amenities that were required? Do you still add on to the existing facilities?

Taking into account the hot weather, we wanted to provide the opportunity to exercise both the body and the mind. We keep up to date with all the latest activities and implement them to always offer something new.

What is the importance of such a facility in Bahrain?

My customers tell me that they can travel with the peace of mind that their pets are in safe hands.  So either they can 100% enjoy their holiday or concentrate on their work.  Our focus is to build a strong relationship with our customers, as their opinion and ideas are important to us, so that we are able to make sure we can provide a home away from home – whatever the request, or emergency.

Could you please tell us a little on the wonderful staff you have here, supporting the achievement of the goals with which Delmon Kennels began?

Our team consists of mainly Sri Lankans who have an excellent bond with the animals.  Our skilled staff are consistently being kept up to date on the latest requirements.

You are also known to find new homes for the pets. How do you achieve that?

We provide support to the BSPCA and Tony the Dogfather, through a benefactor which enables us to bring dogs to the kennels, conduct assessments, do some basic training and prepare them for a home environment.  We have a small team of volunteers who help us with rehabilitation; we highly appreciate their services, and hope that our team will grow. We help deliver the message through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter.

What gives you the most satisfaction with Delmon Kennels?

Owning a pet is a long term commitment. Our satisfaction comes from helping dogs and cats, and their owners along that path, whether it’s boarding, training, grooming and moving onto special care or relocation to a brand new country.

It’s your 10th anniversary this year; how do you feel about the journey so far?

It’s gone in a blink of an eye.  Every day is full, varied and fun.  There is a sense of pride at looking back and seeing how it has grown over the past 10 years.

And finally, where do you see Delmon Kennels in the next 5 years?

Watch this space!  Our plans are to move forward and surprise you in the next five years.

To find out more about Delmon Kennels, visit their website or find them on facebook, twitter and instagram

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