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Fragrance Hacks To Smell Like A Dream All Day Long

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To smell amazing is a tool that has a power not many people recognize.  Here are some fabulous fragrance hacks  to  smell like a dream all day long.

Perfume Storage: The way you store your perfume plays a strong  role in the quality and longevity of the fragrance. Place your perfumes in a dark and cold place to retain its quality. Sunlight and hot temperature can damage the molecular structure of the fragrance thereby compromising its scent and quality.

Moisturise: Instead of applying the perfume on your bare skin, apply unscented moisturiser first and then go ahead and spritz the perfume. It will ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. Vaseline is the best option as the perfume moisturiser.

Pulse points: Always apply the perfume on the pulse points of your body  to ensure that the scent is more intense and that it lasts longer. The pulse points of your body are: Inside of the wrists, Behind the ears, Behind the knees ,Inside the elbows  and The base of the throat

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Fresh and Fragrant: When you apply the perfume is also important. The best time to apply the perfume is when you are fresh out of the shower. Your pores are open, your skin clean and your damp body ensure that the fragrance lasts longer

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