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Future of Sustainable Motoring

Toyota Reshapes the Future of Sustainable Motoring

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Toyota announced the availability of the fourth generation Prius in the Middle East to unveil the latest version of this global green icon, which takes the hybrid concept further than ever, with striking design, higher expected fuel economy ratings and greater ride comfort. The arrival of the Prius, Toyota’s first hybrid vehicle in the region,reflects Toyota’s mission in engaging with local communities and continuous efforts to contribute to society by making automobiles that lead to a cleaner environment.

Toyota’s hybrid technology marks a breakthrough in automobile fuel consumption and reflects the company’s commitment to utilizing the technology in driving sustainability forward. The Prius will raise awareness around the premium performance of hybrid technology and will assist in cementing the leading position of alternative energy vehicles.

Toyota hybrid not only fits the region’s sustainability agenda, but is also in line with the global direction towards more sustainable and greener communities. The Prius, as a symbol of Toyota’s hybrid technology,will contribute to achieving the new Millennium Sustainable Development Goals, which strive for a healthy lifestyle, taking urgent actions to combat climate change, and ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The alignment between what is delivered with Toyota’s hybrid technology and the efforts exerted globally to sustain the planet’s resources makes the Prius the perfect car for responsible drivers who are aiming to adopt a more eco-friendly approach towards our planet.

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