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General tips to conserve energy

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All households rely on utilities such as electricity, natural gas and water supply to meet everyday needs. As the cost of energy continues to hike, so does the cost of these necessities, and many households are looking for ways to reduce the expenses by keeping consumption levels at a conservative level. Here are simple, but useful tips to achieve this:

Summer cooling:

● During the day, block the heat from the sun by shutting windows, doors and curtains.

● Limit the use of kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and ensure that both are not running when either kitchen or bathroom are vacant.

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● Look for an air-conditioning unit that is “ENERGY STAR” approved.


● Keep the oven door shut while cooking. Each time you open the oven, the temperature decreases by 25-75 degrees. Utilise timer features of the oven if available, in order to control the oven’s use, hence limiting the energy consumption as necessary.

● Never use your stove or oven for additional heat, as this only consumes energy unnecessarily, and in a very dangerous way.

● Look for “ENERGY STAR” approved kitchen appliances that will cook more efficiently.

Cleaning and maintenance:

● Only run the dishwasher when it is full, and load the dishwasher properly to ensure efficient water circulation. You can save even more water by scraping dishes instead of pre-rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher.

● When shopping for new appliances, look for ones that qualify as “ENERGY STAR” models. These appliances meet stricter energy-efficient standards.

● Use a bucket instead of running water to mop the floor. Also, a sponge-type mop will use less water than a string mop.


● Save energy by turning off lights and appliances in rooms which are not being occupied.

● Your home computer uses a considerable amount of electricity. To save energy, turn it off when not being used.

● Set the water heater thermostat to the warm setting, or 120 degrees.

For more tips visit: http://www.actnowbh.org/

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