Gergaon Celebrations for Shoppers

Ramadan Al Bahrain Launches Exciting Gergaon Celebrations for Shoppers

Traditional Gergaon celebrations for shoppers

The Ramadan Al Bahrain festival announced it will hold exciting traditional Gergaon celebrations for shoppers. The festival will launch a series of Gergaon events during the upcoming week at its retail partners’ shopping locations including Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour, Midway Supermarket and Al Osra Supermarket with various activities highlighting Bahrain’s cultural heritage.

Ramadan Al Bahrain’s Gergaon festivities will take place first at Lulu Hypermarket at Ramli Mall in A’ali on Thursday June 16 from 9pm to 11pm, followed by two Gergaon celebrations at Carrefour Hypermarket in Bahrain City Centre and Midway Supermarket in Zallaq on Friday June 17 from 9pm to 11pm. The final Gergaon celebration will take place in Al Osra at Al Najeebi Centre in Saar on Saturday June 18 from 9pm to 11pm.

The Ramadan Al Bahrain festival welcomes and invites all to join in the Gergaon celebrations which will feature traditional “Laiwa” performances for families and visitors of all ages to enjoy and will have Gergaon gift boxes distributed to kids as well as fun competitions taking place.

Ramadan Al Bahrain Project Manager Nawaf Al Koheji highlighted the upcoming Gergaon celebrations, saying: “Ramadan Al Bahrain is excited to offer exciting activities, competitions and prizes during the campaign’s three-night celebration of Gergaon. We welcome families and shoppers to come and participate in these thrilling festivities. Ramadan Al Bahrain continues with its efforts to reward shoppers during this time of year with our range of activities and welcomes all to join in the fun.”

Ramadan Al Bahrain, which started on 25th May and concludes on 25th June, offers shoppers promotions and special offers from participating food retailers and supermarkets during the month of Ramadan. The festival will also allow shoppers the chance to enter weekly raffle draws and win amazing prizes through the “Ramadan Al Bahrain” electronic Loyalty System where shoppers will receive three points for every one Bahraini Dinar spent at any of the participating Hypermarkets when spending 10 Bahraini Dinars or more.

Ramadan Al Bahrain’s participating hypermarkets include Al Osra, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket and Midway Supermarket with a total of 18 outlets all around Bahrain.

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