GlassPoint Solar to participate in Middle East Oil & Gas Show in Bahrain


    GlassPoint Solar, the leading supplier of solar to the oil and gas industry, is participating at the Middle East Oil & Gas Show (MEOS) in Bahrain. Exhibiting alongside its global partner Royal Dutch Shell, GlassPoint is showcasing the effectiveness of its steam generating solar technology used in the production of oil. GlassPoint’s solution has been designed to operate smoothly in harsh desert environemnts. It can reduce an oilfield’s carbon emissions and the natural gas typically used to produce steam for heavy oil production by up to 80%.

    As part of the exhibition, GlassPoint is giving visitors a chance to experience a virtual reality tour of Miraah, one of the world’s largest solar plants currently under construction in south of Oman. The virtual reality experience demonstrates how GlassPoint’s innovative technology can be used to achieve energy and environmental goals.

    “With the current demand for natural gas in the Kingdom, Bahrain can benefit immensely from using solar to produce the steam needed to boost its thermal enhanced oil recovery activities. GlassPoint’s technology can save valuable gas resources, which are traditionally used as a burning fuel to make the steam. As a result, recovery costs are brought down, a vital consideration with current low oil prices,” stated Marwan Chaar who heads the Project Development efforts for GlassPoint internaionally.

    He added, “More importantly, GlassPoint’s sustainable solution decreases carbon emissions, significantly mitigating the environmental impact of the process. There are benefits for economies too, with gas saved becoming available for export, for power generation, or to develop new industries.”

    Following a successful pilot in Oman with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), GlassPoint was awarded Miraah, a landmark project over 100 times larger than the pilot system. On completion, Miraah will be one of the world’s largest solar plants , delivering one gigawatt of peak thermal energy. It will generate 6,000 tonnes of steam for use in PDO’s thermal enhanced oil recovery operations to extract heavy and viscous oil at the Amal oilfield.

    As the most established showcase of oil and gas products and services in the Middle East, this twentieth edition of MEOS has been organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in collaboration with a committee of regional and international oil company representatives. The event has attracted both national and international oil companies along with major energy industry operators. This year, its theme is the transformation of the energy industry through innovation and operational excellence.