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Global Handwashing Day

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COVID-19 has been a big factor on how the world has functioned this 2020. It has infected millions of people and continue to be the top priority for most countries struggling to eradicate it. Even with a vaccine on the way, our most effective method to prevent and help in combatting COVID-19 is handwashing.

Today, we celebrate Global Handwashing Day. Remember to maintain hand hygiene in this most trying times. It is an easily accessible and cheap solution to avoid spreading COVID-19.

How to wash your hands properly:

  1. Wet hands with clean water.
  2. Apply soap.
  3. Lather and scrub for 20-30 seconds, as prescribed by the World Health Organization. Remember to clean in-between your fingers and at the back of you hand.
  4. Rinse your hands.
  5. Dry with a paper towel or cloth.

We should always remember to wash when:

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  1. We leave and return from home.
  2. Before and after eating.
  3. When taking public transportation.
  4. After socializing or meeting with someone outside of immediate family.
  5. In intervals throughout the day (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening) or whenever you interact with objects or people you don’t regularly do.

Handwashing is a simple action that can heavily affect the spread of COVID-19. Make it a habit to prioritize your hygiene. Let us all be heroes by hand washing.

Happy Handwashing Day!

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