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Google Go programming language is finally out..

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Google today announced that support for the Go programming language in the Google App Engine Platform as a Service (PaaS) is finally generally available and backed up by a service-level agreement. For the past four years Go support on Google App Engine has been available, but in beta, without an assurance of uptime.

And going forward, Google will be doing more around Go, the open-source language that was originally developed at Google.

“This announcement won’t change how you use App Engine today, but we have heard your feedback: We will continue to make significant investments in App Engine for Go, including an improved SDK and an upgrade to the Go 1.5 runtime,” Go product manager Jason Buberel wrote in a Google Groups post about the news. “Our goal is to make App Engine the best deployment platform for Go programmers.”

Google App Engine fits in with the wider Google Cloud Platform portfolio that competes with other major public clouds, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. App Engine also supports Python, Java, and PHP in addition to Go. The Azure App Service doesn’t currently support Go, but Go does work on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk service.

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